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The West Chilcotin is a land of lakes, mountains, and canyons, which provide great opportunities for day-hikes accessible from Eagle's Nest Resort.  

For beautiful mountain views, alpine lakes, and lots of wildflowers, try the Rainbow Range Trail in Tweedsmuir Park.  One world-wide travel writer called it “one of the best day-hikes of my life”. Another great hike is the Mt. Kappan Lookout Trail, where you will get near 360 degree views of the Coast Mountains and the Chilcotin Plateau after a pleasant hike through forest and alpine meadows.

For a great afternoon experience without too much effort, try walking along the edge of an ancient volcanic canyon called The Precipice, with its sheer lava rock walls, waterfall, and giant hoodoo in the centre.  It is a place with a unique ambience.

Would you like to fly in by float plane and hike some of the Chilcotin's most remote, most beautiful areas?  For a exhilerating hiking experience, fly to Turner Lake and hike to the edge of Hunlen Falls - one of North America's highest waterfalls. Or try the unmatched beauty of a fly-in hike to the Charlotte Alplands at the top of the Coast Mountain Range with an experienced guide.  The Charlotte Alplands are a completely unspoiled rolling plateau in the high alpine, with many small lakes and mountain peaks all around.  Fly in by float plane and hike through the lakes and wildflowers, or try a guided hike on a glacier!  Click here for details.

Birds and Wildlife

The Chilcotin Plateau is situated on the Pacific Flyway, one of the major bird migration routes between South America and Alaska.  Anahim Lake is a feeding ground for a colony of American White Pelicans in the summertime, and at various times throughout the year you can see herons, grebes, sandhill cranes, many different ducks, woodpeckers, kingfishers, red-wing blackbirds, swallows, rufous hummingbirds, mountain bluebirds, osprey, bald eagles, and literally dozens of others. 

One birding writer referred to Eagle's Nest Resort as “a virtual birding hotspot”, and birdwatchers have called the resort and our Eagle's Nest Marsh Trail a highlight of their birding trips.

Trumpeter swans can be seen in the spring and fall.  They were once considered an endangered species until they were brought back from the edge of extinction by well-known naturalist Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake in Tweedsmuir Park.  He was awarded the Order of Canada for his conservation efforts in 1972.

Every summer day you can enjoy the haunting call of the loon, or sometimes the howl of coyotes and wolves. You may also see  moose, bear, fox, coyote, mink, beaver, muskrat, and river otter.  And look out for the horses and cattle that might block the highway.

Activities and Sightseeing

One of the most spectacular tours in the Chilcotin-Coast is the “flightseeing tour” through Tweedsmuir Park operated by Tweedsmuir Air.  Take off in a legendary Beaver floatplane, which has been used by bush pilots to navigate the wilderness since the 1950s, and cruise over and through some of the most amazing scenery anywhere!

The Rainbow Mountains are heavily mineralized volcanic mountains, so colourful the early indiginous people called them “the mountains that bleed".  Next, Turner Lake and Hunlen Falls are a spectacular sight.  At the top of a huge escarpment Turner Lake  empties into Hunlen Falls, which tumbles over 1,300 feet to Lonesome Lake far below.  Finally, the amazing experience of flying through the Monarch Icefields, some of the most heavily glaciated icefields outside the polar regions.  It is a one-of-a-kind adventure!

If you would like a real Chilcotin cowboy experience, nearby Escott Bay Resort operates 4-hour or overnight trail rides into the surrounding back country.  Saddle up!

For something more peaceful, take one of our canoes out on the lake.  You can see beaver lodges, get close to the pelicans, and enjoy all the birdlife and scenery that surrounds the lake.  Or perhaps you'd just like to get comfortable in our Guest Garden with a drink.  We're happy to serve you!

Turner Lake & Hunlen Falls



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