The Chilcotin Coast Experience

Things To Do - The Historic Chilcotin Lodge


The Chilcotin grasslands is a beautiful area of rolling hills, tall grasses, sculpted canyons, and raging rivers.  There are some great walks and tours so you can see it!

Junction Sheep Range Park is only 14 km from Chilcotin Lodge, where you can park your car and walk through the grasslands to a bluff that overlooks the joining of the Chilcotin and Fraser rivers.  There is a large herd of Bighorn Sheep in the park, beautifully documented by the film trailer at this link.

The magnificent Farwell Canyon is also nearby and a must see!  The canyon is a unique pocket-desert with imposing walls, huge sand dunes, and the Chilcotin River winding through it.  There are some deserted pioneer cabins by the river's edge, and interesting First Nations pictographs on the canyon walls.  Walk through the canyon or across the sand dune, or down to the histoic deserted cabins. 

Birds and Wildlife

Around the lodge and throughout the area you may see black and grizzly bear, coyote, fox, timber wolf, lynx, moose, deer, cougar or even herds of wild horses. 

The Chilcotin Plateau is situated on the Pacific Flyway, one of the major bird migration routes between South America and Alaska. You can see Canada geese, ducks, loons, pelicans, Sandhill Cranes, bald eagles and many more.

Activities and Sightseeing

Take a walk through Junction Sheep Range Park.  The park borders along the Fraser River, where you can see historical relics and petroglyphs, and have plenty of opportunities to photograph the wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Big Canyon Rafting offers a rafting trip on the Chilcotin River, passing through Hanceville Canyon, Big Creek, and finally Farwell Canyon.  This trip is suitable for all ages, and they will pick you up at the Lodge!

Take a drive through the Gang Ranch, one of the largest working cattle ranches in British Columbia and probably the most beautiful.  Truly part of “the Last Frontier”, the Gang is so large it even has it own post office and general store.

Farwell Canyon

Rafting Chilcotin River

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