The Chilcotin Coast Experience

Things To Do

The Chilcotin Ark and the newly formed Great Bear Rainforest that make up the Chilcotin-Coast region  combine to form North America's most diverse wilderness ecosystem.  It is a land of stunning landscapes, dramatic scenery, and abundant wildlife.  Ranking among the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, it is a land that must be experienced.

Each resort in the Chilcotin Coast Experience is located in its own unique part of this fascinating land.  Chilcotin Lodge is in the grasslands, Eagle's Nest Resort is on the high plateau in the shadow of the Coast Mountains, and Bella Coola Grizzly Tours is in one of the deep valleys of the coastal Great Bear Rainforest.

There are many great experiences to be found in this amazing region.  On the map, click on a resort to see all the things you can do.